Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our New Art Wall

I finally have an art wall.   Whoo Hoo!  I live in a smaller home without much wall space and we do NOT have a specific school room.  We school in our main living areas.  Having an art wall became very important to me this year.  I knew exactly what I wanted:

  • Easily changeable
  • Displayed where we can enjoy it each day

Deciding the where was hard.  I thought about many places, sure there are many low hanging places around my house, but that would just not work with my little guy. 

After much back and forth in my mind, I finally decided on a spot along my kitchen ceiling.



It is our tradition on the first day of school every year we draw self-portraits and compare them to the previous years.  Here are their self-portraits from this year. 


It is really neat to see how they all get better each year. I also have them sign them, so they can see how their signatures change too.



1 comment:

Eddie said...

Totally jealous over here. For some reason the previous owners had a great love of faux stucco walls and it's hard to find a place to do an art wall.

Those self-portraits are wonderful!


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