Friday, October 12, 2012

Can We Just Wrap This Week Up Already?

What more do I need to say, right? 

Ok, Ok, I wouldn’t leave you hangin’ like that.

Then, where to begin? 

Let’s start with last week, yeah, that sounds good. 

Last week we took a family trip up to Jackson Hole, WY, and Yellowstone. It was a trip on a very tight budget. It was cold. PA040789


Mesa Falls, ID

We went to Hebgen Lake, MT and Quake Lake.  We saw all the damage that the 1959 earthquake did.  It was really neat to see this since we know how much Yellowstone changed that day! PA040803

Here they are standing on the old highway, then they realized they actually weren’t so they jumped back and forth from the old highway to the “new” highway. 


Tyler kept saying “Mom, take picture of me here.” Emily almost got caught dancing on the hike.  

Yea, we still love each other. 
We had tons of fun and picnics. Oh, and did I mention how cold it was?  Our water line to our 5th wheel froze at night.  We woke up to 7 degrees F.   Enough complaining, back to the pictures. PA050841
Katey accidentally left some trail mix on the picnic table and a Clarks Nutcracker got to it.  Neat bird identifying opp. Don’t worry, I picked up the fruit snack wrapper before we left.

We joked around as a family a lot.  Actually we always do.  Better to laugh, right? 

Emily is taunting Paul and he chases her.  Then as we are cleaning up our picnic and getting ready to leave. Paul says, “Take my picture.” Right as I snap it, he threw his soda can at me.  All in fun, all in fun.
I took the non-lazy’s on a hike where there are various lookouts of lower falls. 

I offered the kids to take some school work, and they all chose to.  In fact they actually did some of it.  That kinda thing make me fist pump! YEAH!!

We went to the top of Sawtell Peak, where it was even colder. You can see 3 states, ID, MT, & WY as well as part of Yellowstone up there.   Don’t ask me which is which in these pictures.
On the way down we saw a  m-o-o-s-e.
Oh my word, and then the trip got really exciting.  We saw an RV that was featured on World’s Extreme RV.
 My kids really don’t watch to much TV. Really. Smile
The boys had to get their picture taken by it. 
That started a whole new thing for Tyler.  Now he thought he had to get his picture taken next to every cool car he saw.  At first I humored him, but today at the grocery store, as I pretended to take his picture next to a plain blue truck, as I glanced around me to make sure no one noticed, I realized I have to put a stop to this. LOL.
Stay with me here, we are almost home.  Just a few more pictures and stories. 



For the rest of the trip (and ever since), Tyler’s all take my picture here, take my picture there.
Emily wanted to send a postcard to her dad, so we purchase one and she writes it, I give her the stamp and she drops it in the mail box.  I ask her where did she get the address for it and she said, “I didn’t”  What!  We go purchase another one and do it properly.  Postcard sent and received! 
That was just a blond moment for her.  She really knew you needed an address. 

You still with me?  GOOD!  This is just getting juicy!

We come home and run all of our we’re home errands, ya know like the grocery store, the butcher, to the RV store (you don’t want to know why), to dump the trailer (now you know why), to take my car in to get the windshield replaced, etc, etc, etc. 

What?  You don’t have to do all those things the day after you get home?  Hmm, well then. 
Oh and I had this great plan that we would be doing school that day as well. Laundry done or not. I definitely over planned that day.  Katey read a book, Shanna’s Bear Hunt, and pretended to go on a bear hunt.
Emily did a science lab on blood in a jar.  Which is now displayed as one of our Halloween decorations.  Everyone did a little math, read a little, and we did a lesson in history- A Pilgrim Story.  Not much else really got done that day.  Oh and did I mention I was in a terrible mood that day, terrible.  Maybe it was the over-planning. 
I declared the next day Family Fun School!  I let the kids sleep way in.  Me too, but that’s beside the point.  We decided to clean up the house and finish unpacking, work on the laundry (I am still not caught up) and have fun together.
We worked on a pumpkin craft which I saw on The Usual Mayhem from Deep Space Sparkle. (This is my neat way of drying art work)

Ahh, we, well at least I felt better after that day. 
Then Thursday rolls around.
Let me copy my Facebook Status from Thursday.
Holy smokes what a day! Busy busy busy!
Teach my kids- check
Teach my debate class - check
Help in Emily's sewing class - check
Check out library books for next week - check Straighten house - check
Laundry - check
Take Katey to Cheerleading - check
Take Tommy to Karate - check
Stop by grocery store for milk - check
Stop by home and start dinner - check
Pick up Emily from book club - check
Pick up Katey and Tommy - check
Eat dinner & load dishwasher - check
Go to 4H achievement night - check
See my hubs for 10 min at 4H - check
Come home, get kids ready for bed - partly done
Get kids in bed - partly done
Take some ibprofin for my headache and decompress- that's next!!
Catch up on RHO- Miami -
Oh and it looks like read another book to Tyler just got added :)

Tommy was selected to be a Jr. Team council member for 4H.  He is very proud of himself as are we.  He is excited for the opportunities that await him with this.  On a side note, the 4H Mint Clover ice cream is AMAZING!!!
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Unknown said...

Wow crazy busy!!! I love random bird identifying opportunities! We have one out our bedroom window that is new to us (we are in a new state) and I've yet to see it - have only heard its call every morning!

Have a great week,


Kym said...

Wow!!! Lots accomplished, it's amazing you're still standing after all that "busy"! Love all the pictures from your vacation. It's been ages since I was at Yellowstone and I would love to go again.


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