Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Bag-A-Thon ~Week 4~


Here we are in our 4th and final week.  Thank you for joining me each Sunday with our Busy Bag-A-Thon.  In case you missed Week 1, Week 2, or Week 3 check them out!

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  1. Simple coloring book page puzzles.  Color and cut out a simple coloring book page and turn it into a puzzle.
  2. Bucket of animals into an egg carton.  Have your child use a spoon or tongs to transfer objects to an egg carton.
  3. Shape sewing.  Thread yard through a simple shape.  Use a hole punch around a theme picture.  Have child thread yarn through each hole.
  4. Magnetic letters.  Spell words or practice letter or sound recognition.
  5. Put the fire out.  Color a fire on a small sheet of paper and write a number on it.  Your child needs to use that many toy plastic firemen to put the fire out.  (Firemen are available at the dollar store.  Other ideas here could be how many Indians fit in the Tee Pee, how many soldiers fit in the tank, etc.
  6. Simple children’s board games like Topple, or Jenga.  Then child can play these games alone.  Think about what fun quality time this would be to spend with your child.
  7. Homemade number flashcards
  8. Melting beads.  Even if you don’t melt the beads every time, or if your child doesn’t finish the project, think of the hand dexterity used for this activity.

Thanks so much for joining me this past month.  I hope you gained great insight as to activities that will keep your toddler/preschoolers entertained and more!

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