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National Tax Training ~


Would you like to make some extra money?  Or even just save some money?

Now hear me out before you run away scared after reading the title.

National Tax Training has created a home study course in Federal taxes

In 20 lessons -each one is suggested to take 8 hours each, (more on that below)- you will learn the ins and outs of the federal tax code, and since most states codes follow the federal codes you will have some state tax knowledge as well.

National Tax Training teaches using short –what I call- Nuggets of information.  In easily readable format.  They also use real life case studies, that way you get to practice the knowledge you just learned on what could be a real life situation.

National Tax Training Federal Course offers you 10 resources, being:

The text material.

Up to date materials that come conveniently in a 3 ring binger.  The lesson plans are written to the average person, with the assumption that you have no prior tax knowledge.



Inside the binder you will also find some pre-addressed envelopes in order to send in your tests to be corrected.  (more on that below.  PA151175

Each assignment has a table of contents that ranges from about  11 pages to 16 pages.  Each topic is divided out by a section.  This has made for very easy reference when needed.  I have referred to it while taking the tests, which are open book.

See the complete course outline.


Self Check Practice Problems

At the end of each lesson is a practice test, in which the answers are directly below the problem.  The book advises you to cover up the answers with a sheet of paper, answer the question and then check your answer and score yourself.  This has been a great way to prepare you for the chapter exams.  In a small way, I sort of wish the answers were on the next page, but then I think how it is nice to correct it one problem at a time.  PA151178

Examination Problems

There are the exams right in the book, directly after the practice test.  This is a picture of a test that has already been corrected and sent back to me.  PA151182

Instruction and Grading Services

As you can see above the tests are hand graded.  When you get your test back in the mail with a score you also receive a complete answer sheet including explanations to the problems. This is perfect for when you don’t understand why you missed the question(s).  Notice the #208 etc. at the end of each answer, that is referring to the section where you will find the answer in the book. PA151183

Practical Case Studies

Each chapter in the book provides real life scenarios where you will see the tax laws as they would apply to real people.  In addition to that you get a book full of practical case studies.  This enables you to practice on real life situations.  You also get a Guide to State Personal Income Taxes.  Both of these booklets along with others come after lesson 17.  With your lesson 17 exam, you send in a form to request these materials.


Student Guidance Services

There are actual teachers at the school to help you.  Each student is assigned a teacher, and while I don’t know how many students each teacher has, your teacher is there to answer your questions by phone or email.  I haven’t had to contact my teacher, as I never had any questions.  When I didn’t pass a test, (yes, that happened to me, and I have excuses, LOL) they sent me a very nice letter letting me know as well as a new test.  No answer sheet with this one.  haha.  


Building and Operating a Successful Tax Practice Book

Reference Book

Both of these books come after lesson 17 (where you mail in the request with your chapter 17 test).  These books I haven’t had much time to look at as they came just a few days ago, however they included a letter about how the school was closed for a few days for a school break, as per the school calendar.  PA151189

Graduation Certificate

Obviously I haven’t received these yet, as I am only on lesson 6.  However, with the chapter 17 request form, I received another form to fill out in order to request my graduation certificate.  PA151190

Post Graduate Services

National Tax Training offers a few post graduate options based on the price you pay.  The prices range from $495 for 2 years of post graduate assistance to $795 for 4 years of post graduate assistance. They also have payment plans for both choices.   You will receive notices on changes in the tax laws, regulations and rules in a bulletin that will come out annually.  This way your tax knowledge will always be current and up to date.  Consultation and advisory services  also allows you to request a consultation regarding tax laws, and the establishment/ operation of your tax practice.  Each of these 2 items is available to you for the time of post graduate services you pay for. 


A few things to note. 

This course can be and has been completed in as little as 8 weeks.  I have had access to it about 6 weeks and I went on vacation one of those weeks.  This is also not my biggest priority.  I have completed 6 of the 20 lessons or about 33% of the course.  At that rate I will compete it within 6 months total time.  They allow you up to one year to complete the course. 

It took me about 1-2 hours to complete each course (not the 8 suggested), remember though I did fail one test. 



I felt quite overwhelmed with the giant binder, so I took about 3 to 4 lessons at a time and transferred them to a smaller binder.   I was able to take this to the park with me and study while my kids played and even at home this felt less overwhelming to me.  I used a sticky note as a book mark. 

It took about 3 weeks for me to get my test results back, however, they were on a school holiday for 1 week of that time.  I believe their normal time is quicker than that.  


They are implementing an online version of the school, and while I think I would prefer the paper method,  I would love to be able to do the exams on the computer. 

It is not necessary to complete schooling to be certified by the IRS to prepare taxes for others.  All you need to do is pass an exam.  National Tax Training completely prepares you for that exam as well as prepares you to be able to actually know what you are doing. 

To see what others think of this check out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.


Disclosure: As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew I review products, like this, which I receive for free in order to be able to share my honest opinion.  No other compensation is provided. 



North Laurel said...

Wonderful review. I especially appreciated your photos of the material. Great idea about the smaller binder!! (Of course it's a great idea- right? *wink*) It's been a chore to lug the 3" one around with me :)

jelly andrews said...

Oh! This is such a great review. I am glad you shared this information. It is nice to know this one. Thanks for sharing.


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