Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busy Bag-A-Thon Week 3


Welcome to week 3 of our Busy Bag-A-Thon.

If you missed week one and week two check them out!

This week has some ideas for older kids as well. 

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  1. File Folder games!  Many can be found at File folder Fun!
  2. Coloring book and crayons
  3. Stacking cups
  4. Felt Cupcakes.  Cut out cupcake part shapes and have child assemble them
  5. Math games.  This one is from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  6. Play dough and play dough mats.  Put sheets of paper inside sheet protector for playdough fun!
  7. Simple puzzles from the dollar store
  8. Shape tracing- cut shapes out of foam.  Have child trace onto paper
  9. Mad libs.  You can read and write for younger kids.  These are always great to keep in your purse for older kids.
  10. Sound matching games.  This one is from
  11. Sticker sheets and blank paper.  - This is great for those free sticker sheets they send you in the mail.
  12. Kid Song CD’s.  This one is from Maestro Classics.
  13. Small plastic container and lid matching.  This one is for numbers, but can be used for many things, letters, colors, shapes, etc.  These are from the dollar store.
  14. Animal Sorting game.  From Homeschool Creations.
  15. Electronic Flashcards… However, you can make your own version of this by using regular flashcards and playing games with them.

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