Saturday, November 19, 2011

Being Grateful for my Grandpa.

This post is pretty emotional for me.  I lost my Grandfather just over a year ago.  

My Grandpa is such a great man.   He had the BEST sense of humor.  I can remember many times he made me laugh.  

I will share one conversation I had with him.

Me: “Grandpa, how do you keep the quail from eating all the corn in your garden?”

Him: “Well, I don’t know…”  (Long pause, he is thinking.) “Here is what you could do, you could get out your gun, shoot the quail, eat them and that way you could get your corn back.”

He was so practical and an amazing worker.  He owned his own construction business in a small town.  I don’t know if he ever fully retired.  He always had people calling him asking for advice or help.

I am so grateful that my children were able to know him, and the kind of man he is.  


1 comment:

Naomi said...

That conversation is just hilarious! Sounds like a wonderful man!


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