Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am VERY thankful for my husbands job.  It has been such a huge blessing to us.  They trained him in everything.  They even sent him to CDL school.   He loves working on the oil rigs too.  Loving your job, or even liking it is huge. 

We had always talked about moving to a smaller town and getting out of the city. 

This job gave us that opportunity. 

We have also been able to take our children on some trips this year that have been a lot of fun. 

We were even able to take a honeymoon this year.  We never did that when we got married. 

At first I was nervous about family time with his job.  He would be gone a lot.  It is all working out now.  We are used to his schedule.  He works 2 weeks on and 1 week off.  We still see him on his 2 weeks on.  It has been really nice to have him home for an entire week at a time.  


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Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear that there are other families who this works for. All my friends think that my husband working a 15/6 schedule is not good for our family. It works for us and I am very grateful for his job. It has allowed me to stay at home and homeschool our boys and also allows us to do some pretty fun things that we would not be able to afford otherwise. We wish we saw him more during his working days but when he is home it is so great, we do a lot of activities together. So it is more about quality rather than quantity time.


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