Friday, November 18, 2011

Struggling with bedtime.


I have really been struggling with Tyler’s bedtime.  He is 2.  He cries for a while and tries to get out of bed repeatedly.  It really affects our whole family.  It keeps the other children who are trying to go to sleep awake and it sends me right to the end of my rope. 

I recently read on Our Busy Homeschool about a book she read for her children to sleep, The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers, by Elizabeth Pantley.  I researched the book a little and decided to purchase it from Amazon. 


What is not so funny about all this is that he sleeps just fine for others.  Recently my husband and I went on a trip and left the kids with Grandma.  He slept just great for them.  Took naps, went to bed on time, without a fight.  So I came home and thought “great, I will just keep up with their schedule.”  Boy was I wrong.  I tried the things they were doing, and I heard some racket coming from the boys bedroom, I go up to see and Tyler is walking around with a “Build A Bear” box on his head opening and closing the door saying, “Hi, Hi, Hi!”  Like he wasn’t going to get in any trouble. 



And well,   he didn’t.  It was just too cute.  However he did get sent to bed. 

Back to the book. 

I am learning a lot and I like the way she gives you tips and you choose which ones and how to incorporate them.    I am not fully through the book yet, and I will be waiting to incorporate most of the techniques I choose until I am done.  I work better if I see the full picture. 

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