Monday, November 21, 2011

Keeping it real, Really!

Ok, so I have really been thinking about my blog lately.

Why do I blog?

I blog for me.  For me to document my life.  For me to make friends.  For me to store my ideas.  For family and friends to be able to keep up with us.  It is a form of scrapbooking and journaling for me.  I also enjoy doing reviews and connecting with other bloggers.  I enjoy the friends I make from blogging. 

What do I want from it? 

I want a document of my life, like a history of my family and I.  I want to inspire others.  I want to share awesome ideas (even though I rarely have them.)  I want those that are less than “perfect” to feel welcome here and to let them know they are not alone.  I am one.  The perfect can join us too.  ALL ARE WELCOME.    I want to make friends through it.  I want to be able to find my faults and build on them through this blog. 

 Why do people follow me? 

I have no idea really.  I would bet that most of my followers are from The Crew.  I hope you continue to follow me even though I may not be the most creative or inspirational person out there. 

One of my favorite blogs

I also would like to share/document more of our “real” life.  What I mean by that, is that I am NOT Susie Homemaker.  I am NOT an amazing person spiritually.  I am NOT Super Mom. I most certainly am NOT a genius.  I am NOT alot of things.  Who I AM is a person who is trying my best to do what I know and feel is right for my family.  I try my best.  I love the time I get with my family.  I love how we grow and learn together.  I enjoy the character traits my children are learning. 

Here are a few real life random pictures I took today.


This is my laundry room.  Yeah,  Well um… There it is, and to think I just did a huge, the whole family had to help me, laundry day and fold YESTERDAY!  No, it doesn’t ever end. 


Here is a picture of me from today.  I am only dressed and hair down because I lost my drivers license (story of my life) and today was the day I was going to get a new one.  (In our small town the Drivers License Division is only open 2 days a week, Mondays and Tuesdays.)   Usually I am in a hoodie and ponytail. 


While I was in the bathroom randomly taking a picture of myself.  I noticed this sign that I have hanging in their.  (Yes, on an index card.  They are my favorite.)  I made it when Tommy was struggling with learning his parts of speech. 

In case you can’t read it, it says

To he who is using this toilet and not flushing:

I need you to begin flushing and washing your hands, or you will get a verb across your noun.


I love how we learn at random hours throughout the day.  Even on the weekends sometimes.   

I will do  a few day in the life of posts each month to document who I really am.  No perfection necessary, or even expected.  


Stay tuned for these and I hope I am not alone in my Being okay with not being perfect.

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