Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When those cute little Thankful Trees are too much work.


I thought and thought about making a cute Thankful Tree, like the ones I see all over Pinterest. 

I thought should I use real sticks in a jar, that we would hang paper leaves from?  That would be too much work.  Should I just make a tree on poster board and glue paper leaf cut outs to it?  To much work again.  Then I came to the decision that it was the cutting out of the leaves that I didn’t want to do.   

I still knew that I wanted a way to share our thankfulness throughout the month of November.

What to do, what to do? 

Continue with my laziness and delegate cutting strips of paper to Emily, then grab a Mason Jar and Ta Da.  We have a Thankful Jar. 

I quickly explained it to the children that it would be anonymous.  You would write some things you are thankful for, fold it up and stick it in the jar.  


After our initial session, I set the jar and the leftover papers on the counter, so you could add to it whenever you are feeling thankful.


I am proud to say it is almost full and I notice it being added to daily.  I don’t even remind them. 

I am thankful that I thought of a way to make this work for me. 

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