Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blogging through the Alphabet- Letter A



My friend Marcy over at Ben and Me is hosting a meme, Blogging Through the Alphabet. It is 26 weeks of blogging about a topic that starts with the letter of the week. 


This week is letter A.


I use alarms for everything. 

Just on my phone:

  • An alarm to wake up. 
  • An alarm to wake the kids up.
  • An alarm to order my Bountiful Baskets
  • Alarms for Tommy’s outside activites.
  • Alarms for Katey’s outside activities.
  • Alarms for Emily to attend her outside activities
  • An alarm to take the garbage out to the street, once a week.
  • I set up alarms for medicine if someone in the family requires some.
  • Bed times

I use a timer alarm for other things:

  • How long friends can be over.
  • When to switch the laundry
  • How long someone can be on the computer or TV.
  • How long until we have to get ready to leave somewhere. 

I use alarms for so much more, I am sure.  They just come in so handy to keep me on track.  I really do get a lot more done this way.

Join us blogging through the alphabet.  Next week Letter B.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

this is such a cool idea! I do use my phone alarm to wake me up in the mornings, but wow!

I learn so much from bloggers. Thanks for linking up!


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