Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Quest Through the Mathlands.

Math Rider is a very fun math facts game.

Once your child has learned some basic math facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  Then they can get started on cementing these facts in.  These basic facts are the foundation for all math. 

Math Rider works with quests.  You are on a quest through the mathlands and in search of something.  Each quest consists of you needing to get a certain number of points.  For me that was about 10 rides at the advanced level.  Each ride consists of 30 questions at the level you select.  The facts group as well as easy, medium or advanced.  Advanced goes up to the number 12 facts.  (ie, 12+12, 12x12, 12/144).

Math Rider has came up with a game that challenges your children to remember these facts.  I was surprised at the artificial intelligence of this game.  It recognizes the problems that your child misses, or is even just slower at, and it gives those problems more often.  If you or your child is wondering which facts they struggle with you can find out on the statistics page.


This page offers so much more than meets the eye.  I highly recommend you check out the video tutorial.  It will just take a minute.  Then come on back and finish reading what I have to say. 

Oh good you’re back.  See what I mean?

Packed full of so much information.  Really!! 

This downloadable game costs $37 dollars right now.  This deal ends on Feb 15th, 2012.  Then it will be $47.  They just released an upgrade also!  You can even try out the full version of the software for free

Be sure and check out the computer specs.

There are a only 3 different quests as to not pull away from the real purpose of the game.  Each quest still involves your character riding a horse and on a mission.  You have to have 99% mastery before the princess can be rescued in the advanced level. 

Some of the things that had Katey chopping at the bit to play this are:

  • It is a game
  • You get to be a hero
  • It is on the computer, she loves computer work
  • It is not so easy that she felt like it was below her level
  • It was not so challenging that she felt defeated
  • Horses!!!!




Katey is the primary child that I used this with this year.  (Check out my previous review.)  She loves it, because she loves computer games.  She struggled with it because she does not work super well under pressure.  There is some amount of pressure due to the faster you jump the hurdle (answer the question) the faster the next question comes.  If you miss a question or don’t answer in time then it tells you the fact. Also that fact is noted in your statistics and therefor shows up more often. 

Once you start a quest of facts, add, subtract, multiply or divide  you then have to finish that quest of facts before you can change the facts.  Last year, I wasn’t real happy about this and I found a way around it.  This year, with Katey, I realized the importance of MASTERY.  She needed to MASTER the facts before I let her add in more. 

Katey is just working on addition mastery right now.  I did let her try the subtraction also.  I even had fun trying out the game on the advanced level. 

To see what others though of this check out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.

As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew I review products like this, which I receive for free in order to be able to share my honest opinion.

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