Monday, February 6, 2012

A day in the life of my First Grader


This is a real day in Katey’s life She is in 1st grade.  She is almost 7. 

She wakes up and eats breakfast (usually cereal or oatmeal) then she sits around on the couch reading some Kindle books.  This one was Reading Power! Sight Words Kindergarten, that I got free from Amazon.


After that we did some sentence diagraming on the white board. 

( I just wrote some sentences with no capital letters and no punctuation.  She had to correct those parts and circle the nouns.) 


She went and got dressed and ready for the day.

She came back downstairs and did a math worksheet using math blocks.P1010058

She did a few lessons on Reading Eggs.


She played Dance Party 3 with Tyler and Emily, while I cooked lunch.  P1010060

We ate lunch, it was fish, tatortots and oranges that day. P1010064

After lunch we did science. She is doing a weather unit currently, we used an orange as the sun to have our inflatable globe rotate around.  She learned what that has to do with the seasons.  


She played with her sister building a tower out of the math blocks. P1010068

She had free time to read and explore the rest of the day….

UNTIL 3:00.  That is when we do a family clean up of the day.  Katey’s chores are usually emptying the silver wear and any lower cupboard dishes.  Then she had to sweep up the piles that an older kid swept.  




The rest of the afternoon she has free time. She plays with friends or brothers and sister.  Sometimes she even spends time with me.  She loves to help me cook dinner and explore. 

Not all her days are exactly the same.  We alternate history and science.  Also we usually do read alouds which we didn’t do that day. 

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