Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Apologia Who Am I

Apologia has some amazing resources.  Since the beginning of my homeschooling I have purchased from them.  They have all kinds of things from their very well known science curriculum to their writing curriculum and even geography and history curriculum.  They also have so many parent resources.    
Have you seen their What We Believe series?    I have reviewed the first book in the series, Who Is God?  And Can I Really Know Him? (My Review Here)

This time I am reviewing the second book in the series.  Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here? 
There are 8 lessons in the book.  Each lesson easily adaptable to multiple time frames.    Each lesson has multiple activities, from reading stories, notebooking, and a “What Should I Do?” to take what you have learned into your real life.

Lesson 1: What Are We Doing Here?
Lesson 2: What Will You Make Today?
Lesson 3: What’s On Your Mind?
Lesson 4: Can You Trust Your Feelings?
Lesson 5: Will You Choose Wisely?
Lesson 6: How Will You Run The Race?
Lesson 7: What Kind Of Fruit Are You Growing?
Lesson 8: Who Do You Think You Are?

This volume offers 5 resources to help you teach this.
The book itself is all you really need which is $39
Which comes with a free resource.  A password to get into the course website.
The book is 8 chapters and more than 260 pages.  It is in true Apologia Textbook Style, which is a nice sturdy book with great photography and the way it speaks directly to the student. 
The website has teacher helps, like a teacher guide, which coloring book pages correspond with which pages in the lesson book.  Different notebooking pages as well as a House Of Truth Posters built in the various stages.  You build a House Of Truth as you work through the book.  

The MP3 Cd $19
This is the book in an MP3 Format. It will only play on MP3 specific players.

The coloring book $8
For us the coloring book is a nice thing for younger kids to do while listening.  I often feel like my daughter actually absorbs more if she has a simple non distracting task like coloring.

The Notebooking Journal which is $24
This is a truly great resource.  It helps children revisit what they have just learned into their own words.  

Since this is a Bible/Worldview curriculum.  I must evaluate with how this curriculum fits in with MY beliefs.  In order for you (the reader) to understand where I am coming from I think you must know a few things about me. 

I am LDS, otherwise known as Mormon.  I was born and raised.  I am no longer very active. (My reasons for that vary).  I do 100% believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ.  I am still trying to find my own better relationship with God, on my own.  I am still LDS.  I most definitely consider myself a Christian. 

This book focuses on the Bible and how it is right.  WHICH IT IS!  At the end of each lesson you get to learn about a different religion.  You meet a child and it explains what they believe and how they practice their religion.  There are many religions in these.  Once I got to the one on Mormonism, I read through it and that is NOT what the LDS church is like at all to me.  I felt like it made it seem like a bad religion.  I have never lived in fear of being  kicked out of my religion due to my house not being nice enough or clean enough.  I thought that this description of Mormonism is exactly why people don’t understand who we really are and what we really believe.  While in the beginning it did talk about how the Bible says we should love everyone regardless of who they are and what they believe.   I still felt like it was degrading on my religion.  I feel like if the book was misrepresenting my religion so grossly, it was possibly doing that on all the other religions it was referencing.  If you want to know what a real Mormon believes and how they act do not take the description in this book. Ask one of us, or see our website.  I have found myself wondering where they even got this information for any of the religions represented. 

So while there is that part of the curriculum, then the actual concept is great.  It really helps your children develop a self esteem and relationship of their own with God.  I like the way it incorporated stories of children in situations where they had to make decisions that weren’t always easy.  These books are written to the student and easy to follow.  They also allow your children time to ponder about decisions they will be making.  

If you want to know about a religion go to that religion and ask.

To see what others though of this check out this post. To see a wide variety of reviews check out our crew blog.

As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew I review products like this, which I receive for free in order to be able to share my honest opinion.


Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I came by just to read your take on this. I don't know much about the Mormon religion but was thinking maybe you should contact them to see where they received their info. Good review!

Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Thank you thank you thank you for being willing to stand up for our faith. So far, it's only you and me.

Rachel said...

I like to learn about religions by asking members of that religion. The rest of the set seems nice, because its good for everyone to know that God loves them. I generally like Apologia, but don't like the little jabs here and there.

Heather said...

Thanks for the review. I'm interested in the book and learned a little bit more about it.


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