Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blogging Through The Alphabet~ Letter C






I don’t know what it is about the letter C, I just couldn’t narrow it down to one thing.  So here is my list of C.

Cookie My very favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  What makes it so good is that you add pudding mix to it.  We have even done flavored pudding mix such as butterscotch or chocolate.

Coloring Ahhh, coloring.  I love it, it is not something that I make time to do, but when my kids are coloring and I join them it is so relaxing.  I use special giant coloring books for my youngest two to color in while we are doing read aloud time, or more recently we have been doing audio books after lunch and that is when they color, with the audio books I can color with them. 

Creating I am a creator.  I love to create things.  I have always been into crafting and such.  Currently I have been enjoying some time creating digital scrapbook pages (My Memories, they always have TONS of freebies, plus save on the software using the discount code in my sidebar.) that I send to my in laws via a ' target=_blank>digital picture frame that has an email address. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!

Cooking Cooking for me comes in phases and it goes just as fast as it came.  hahaha.  I have tried everything from “the dinnertime scramble” to eating out often, to processed frozen foods to freezer cooking. Currently I do cook mostly from scratch and use a ton of produce thanks to Emeals and Bountiful Baskets.

Camping Our family loves camping, we love to be outdoors.  We do own a 5th wheel, so don’t think I’m roughing it by any means, it’s camping to me though.  (for the record, I have tented it many times) Some of our favorite things about camping are the campfires and games we play. 

Church I am not super active in my church currently.  I actually had some feelings that I needed a break from Church and to be able to form my own relationship with God.  I went back this past Sunday and even wrote a blog post about it

Join us all as we blog through the alphabet.  I love seeing all the different things people come up with.



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Unknown said...

great C words!

I love that you began your list with "cookie".



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