Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick’s Day Carnival



I love my community!  They offer so many family friendly activities.

Today we went to a St. Patrick’s Day Carnival at the rec center. 

There were so many fun activities.


Tater Sack Races.


And my camera battery died right after this picture!

So I took pictures with my phone, and now, as I write this post they are not there.  I am very sad about that. So then here I sit messing with my phone taking pictures and none of them are showing up.  GRRRR!!

Well, on a better note…..

Some of the other activities were:

Tug O’ The Rope

Fake tattoos and face painting

O’Shanagans mini golf

The Pub – hotdogs and soda

Catch a Leprechaun-  you had to catch a numbed duck out of the lazy river (which goes quite fast by the way) with a net. Your number determined your prize. 

Lucky Guess – guess how many things are in a jar

Irish Challenge- a blow up obstacle course

They were all fun and once you got your card stamped that you did each of the activities you put it in for a drawing for some board games. 

It was a fun way to spend our Saturday Morning.

In other St. Patrick’s Day news; we found the pot of gold coins after lunch. They were YUMMY!! (Chocolate coins)

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