Saturday, March 3, 2012

Family Game Night

This Winter has definitely not been as harsh as predicted.  We have barely even had enough snow to go sledding.  The temperatures have only gotten below 0 a few times.  Last year we spent the entire month of Feb barely making it above 0.    I am sad for that as well as grateful.  We still have been doing some fun indoor activities.  We pulled out the Twister game and had such a fun game night.

Emily has been playing Pick and Draw, often and with friends.

All the kids have been having fun on the video games we own. 

We have also been getting in a ton of Science Experiments! 

We have also signed the kids up for some new outside activities.
Tommy is in a MMA class, yes fighting, I know, but I really like his Sensei and the values they teach. 
Emily is taking a Be The Best You class.  It teaches that beauty is from the inside.  It is a really neat class, with a bunch of homeschool girls her age. 
Katey is going back in swimming lessons.  She is taking the next level than she did last time. 

Winter is already almost behind us and then Summer is on it’s way.  Ahhhhh……….

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