Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Grade K12 curriculum

This is a follow up post to Our K12 Journey.

You can see a day in her life here.  I did add in some non K12 things and we didn’t do everything that day.

Science: This is me reading to her from the computer and then she does some experiments.  I wish I documenting these better with pictures. We have done units in What is a Scientist, Types of Matter, Measuring, Weather, and we just started an Animal Classification unit.  We do this about twice a week.

History: She has been learning about ancient times.  These are mostly me reading to her from the computer and occasionally the computer reads to her. Then she narrates and draws a picture about what we talked about.   I do notice that they use Bible stories often.  We do this about twice a week.

Art: Again this is me reading from the computer to her.  She has been learning about artists and lines and moods.  Symmetry, Art prints, Shapes and now we are getting into colors.   We try to do this once a week. 

Music:  I read a little of the computer for myself and then we listen to a sing along Cd that they sent us.  We sing along to the songs for that day and sometimes play games that go along with it.  Katey really enjoys this time, but I just don’t fit it in enough.  We do this about once or twice a month.

Phonics:  NOT ON THE COMPUTER!!! We do Phonics every day.  Often on the weekends too.  They have a pretty intensive phonics program.  Katey really doesn’t need all of it.  I explain the sounds to her and we practice them.  Each week she is cumulatively tested by me using K12’s assessments.  They also have a set of phonics readers that she reads from.  The first half of the year it was all phonics.  This second half of the year they have incorporated spelling and spelling tests into it.

Language Arts:  They also have a great language arts program.  Half of it it is on the computer.  I discuss grammar with her: parts of speech, punctuation.  She does some worksheets.  (Sometimes I write the questions on a dry erase board to make it not seem like so many worksheets.)  Then she/we read some books or stories.  She my posts about books we have read here and here.

Math: This also has some on the computer and some book work.  It began with counting, reading and writing numbers.  Then time and position (over, under, right, left.)  She moved right into addition and subtraction.  Next money and measurement.  Now she is doing place value and getting better at addition and subtraction.

They also offer a PE course.  We began doing that in the very beginning.  It was very fun.  There are lots of great game suggestions.  It was just to much for us along with everything else.  I hope to reincorporate it now that the weather is getting nicer.   However she is in some other activities like swimming.  So I don’t totally think a structured PE curriculum is necessary at this point for her.


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