Thursday, March 22, 2012

E is for Education

I have been blogging through the alphabet.  This week we are on “E”. 

E is for Education.

Isn’t that what this homeschooling thing is all about?  I definitely want the best education for my children.  I want my children to be life long learners.  I want them to be able to educate themselves. 

Homeschooling began for me as much more than an educational choice.  It began for us as a character training.  I didn’t like who my children were becoming and the habits and traits they were picking up at pubic school.  On top of all that we actually enjoy being with each other.  (well, most of the time.)

We have been very grateful for the type of education homeschooling has afforded us.  It is totally personalized and tailored to our learning style.  It is exactly at our level all of the time.  We can take breaks to study things that really interest us.  
We just love homeschooling.  We love the flexibility, we love the fun we have and we really love the education we are all getting!

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