Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I Menu Plan

Okay, if you read my blog, then I am sure you know how much I absolutely love E-meals. You can read my review on it here.   They have since added more plans and I have switched to a Kroger plan.  It is not local to me, in my experience my Kroger just has different sale start dates and the prices match up pretty well.

Ok, ok, so since I don’t exactly menu plan, I still have to figure out what day we will eat what. 
I am so lucky.  My aunt made me this way cute menu planning board.

  It is a picture frame with a different themed paper under it for each month.  I just use a dry erase marker on it.
This is a great way to be flexible, if I change my mind about a meal for one day, I just erase it and rewrite it.  I also note my scheduled grocery shopping day.

This is such an inexpensive GREAT gift idea.  I LOVE IT!!!!

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