Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feb Goals Check in and March Goals.



My February goals were

  • To have a planned grocery day each week.

This has been going fine according to me.  According to meeting the goal as far as having a set day.  That has not happened.  However it has stayed between Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.  I mostly wanted to do this because I live in a small remote town and the grocery stores here are out of so much over the weekends.  They are also super, I mean SUPER, busy over the weekends too.  I have been menu planning using E-Meals and I just go to the store when my menu runs out (which would mean I am out of groceries for the weeks menu). 

  • To workout 5 days a week

This has been much more of a challenge.  I was doing so great.  I worked out every morning until about Feb 14th.  My husband was off for a week and it just messed with my schedule.    That’s my excuse.  LOL. 

So my new March goals will be:

  • To get back to working out.  I was really feeling good about myself, I drank more water and I had more energy. 
  • To have a scheduled dinner time each night.  We are going to try for 6:30pm to be sitting at the table eating.  


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