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Week in Review~ March 23rd.


5th Grade

Language Arts-  This week Emily has taken a few more practice tests, fill in the bubble style.  I am honestly not sure how helpful these are, as most testing is done electronically now.  She has also been reading and we have started a new writing curriculum.  Write with World.

Math- She has been learning about area and perimeter of parallelograms and triangles. 

History- This week has been easier history for her, the chapters have been shorter.  She has been learning about the events leading up to the Louisiana Purchase.  

Science- This unit has been on physical vs. chemical changes.  She did a few experiments with this.  She made slime. On Sunday we will do another experiment with plants and fertilizer. 



Emily painted an Easter egg on

a canvas. 

1st Grade

Language Arts – We are beginning the journey of soft c and soft g.  It has proven to be one of the bigger phonics challenges for Katey right now.  I think we will spend another week reviewing those sounds before moving on.

Math- She has begun adding and subtracting numbers up to 100.  She caught on to this very quickly.  Next week we move on to subtracting with regrouping.

History- She learned about King Solomon and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  We also had a family movie night on Friday and watched Joseph – King of Dreams on Netflix.  Which is a story we read about a few weeks ago. 


Science – She finished up her animal science unit.  She learned about birds one day and mammals the next.  We made bird feeders to go along with our bird day.  Everyone wanted in on this fun. We used cookie cutters.  Emily made the letter E and the circle one,


Tyler made the American Flag one P1010516

P1010517and Katey made a duck one, because a duck is a type of bird she told me.

We discussed what makes a mammal a mammal, and read Amazing Animals by Design by Debra Haagan.  Check out her blog too.  (Review coming soon.)  

Art- Katey learned about the color wheel.  I know there are a ton of fun experiments and activities to do this but we just used plain old water colors.  I showed her about red, yellow and blue and that she could mix them with each other.  She did it with guidance on this page.


Then I let her explore with them while she painted her own picture.


7th Grade

Tommy has really been struggling with math quite a bit, which just shows me that me having him repeat Pre Algebra with a different curriculum next year is the right decision.  He understands it enough that he shows me he can move on, I just don’t think he has mastery yet.  I feel that taking Pre Algebra twice will really benefit him as well as make him more confident in his math in turn, he will enjoy it more. 

We are almost done reading The Cay.  We have really enjoyed doing this book on audio as a family.

For art this week Tommy had to build a sculpture our of materials that he could find around the house. (with permission)  He had to create a horse.  He used an ice cream cone, some boxes he cut up, some chenille sticks and tape.   He did a pretty good job. 


Tommy has also been working on his remote control car with Paul it has been quite the learning experience.  There are a lot of electronics and parts that all have to work together.  He has had to do research and trail and error.  I am grateful to find something he is so passionate about.  This has also taught me how much of a hands on learner he is and I am keeping that in mind as I begin to think about purchasing new curriculum.



We also began our Easter/Spring ActivitiesWe started off with a few just for fun stuff.  We will be getting into the real Reason for Easter next week. 


We played a fun egg toss game.  We used a real egg and tossed it in a circle each time they would step further back until we could see how far you could toss it without it breaking.  This was such an unusual game for us that it was extra fun.


We also made Easter Lilly flowers.  We traced our hands and curled the fingers and taped them to pencils. 

Tommy, Emily and I have also all started finally reading The Hunger Games.  We each have our own book have been discussing the chapters as we go.  This has been pretty fun.  Even though the book is generally not my style of reading, I can’t put it down. 

What the tot has been up to can be seen on Sunday.

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Unknown said...

Oh, my 7th grader is repeating Pre-Algebra this year as well. He used Teaching Textbooks last year and flew through it, but couldn't pass the Saxon Pre-Algebra placement test so he repeated Pre-Algebra with Saxon this year. (I prefer Saxon myself.) When it comes to Math, knowing the concepts WELL will always help with higher levels!

The Easter Lillies are beautiful! Great craft idea! You're a "brave" Mom to do an EGG TOSS! LOL


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