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K12 5th Grade Curriculum



This goes along with my post Our K12 Journey series.


Our 5th Grade curriculum through K12 consists of these subjects



This is a pretty basic 5th grade math program.  She has learned/relearned or reviewed the the following concepts: Powers of a number, geometry, fractions, decimals, integers, percent, algrebra (simple), coordinate planes (simple), perimeter area and volume, data analysis and math reasoning.  My 5th grader does pretty well in this math, however it is not engaging to her, nor does she enjoy it.  (Daily)


Language Arts- This consists of grammar, composition, vocabulary and test readiness.  This part is pretty good.  Grammar and Vocabulary is mainly discussion/reading and worksheets.  Composition has a booklet that she feels out for each type of writing and then she does a rough draft and a final draft.  She has not enjoyed composition, however, I have seen a marked improvement in her writing.  Test Readiness is basically practice fill in the bubble tests with small essay answers.  These are pointless to me, since she is required to do standardized testing and those are all done on the computer.  It seems to me, with a computer based school, they would have the practice tests on the computer.  (A mixture of two things daily)

Spelling- This started off so very basic, that Emily thought I had to be kidding.  (She is a fairly natural speller).  I let her test out of a few lessons and we began where we felt comfortable.  It consists of some worksheets, (crossword puzzles, fill in the blank, etc.)  (2 lessons on Mon, 2 lessons on Tue, test on Wed.)

Literature-  There are four times throughout the year where you get to choose the book you would like to read, from a predetermined list.  The rest of the year you read assigned selections.  They range from poetry to short stories, to magazine type articles, to chapter books.  There is usually a short comprehension test at the end and for the longer books an essay question. (Daily, sometimes 2 lessons a day)

History-  She is learning American History.  This is read completely from a textbook.  Then she answers some questions and there are discussion items for her and I.  She despises history.  She was very used to a hands on history.  We will go back to that.  (Used to be daily, I have cut it back to 3 times a week)



This covers general overview of science.  She has covered the oceans, earth’s atmosphere, earth’s surface, electricity and magnetism, how matter changes and she has some more to go, like chemistry, cells, motion and forces as well as traits in offspring. (2 to 3 times a week) We usually do this after dinner.



This has been semi enjoyable.  It seems to me that it was created to go along with the history.  I wish I was told that in the beginning.  She/We fell off track and now the lessons aren’t lining up. For the rest of the year, I will probably have her do the art lessons that do line up with the time period she is learning about.  I think that will help her enjoy both art and history more. She reads art history on the computer and then does the project.  (About once a week)



Emily loves to sing and there music program came with Cd’s and a sing along book.  She does some music history on the computer and then is able to sing along with the cd.  She has enjoyed this. (Once a week to once every other week)

They also offer Study Island, where they can play trivia games or just quickly answer 15 questions.  They are supposed to do that daily.  Emily plays on a website not sponsored by K12 called Always Ice Cream which she enjoys more and it is basically the same thing.

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