Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Went to Church Today.

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Today I went to church.  I have mentioned before that I am not really active in my church.  My children actually go to many church functions.  Me, not so much.  I am still LDS (Mormon).  I still love and believe in Christ and my Heavenly Father.  I also still discus the importance of the Gospel to my children.  Taking a break from church did not change those things about me. 

It was Fast Sunday- that is where during our first meeting (Sacrament) anyone is invited to get up and share their praises and testimony of the Gospel.  Fast Sunday’s are pretty neat.  I love hearing all the stories of miracles happening.  Some big, some smaller.

In our second meeting (Sunday School)- We studied in the Book Of Mormon.  I have always struggled in Sunday School before.  I often felt like a lot of what they were talking about was over my head, be in the Bible, Book of Mormon, or Church History.  I did NOT feel like that today.  I really enjoyed the lessons.  We read a few verses together and then discussed what we felt they meant.  I even had input!!  That is rare. 

Our third and final meeting (Relief Society, a meeting for women).  We discussed service and how important it is.  They played this video that really touched my heart.

We discussed how service can be an amazing thing for the person receiving it or the person serving.   Service doesn’t have to be this big either.  You can do small simple things.  Smile at someone, call someone just to check in, help with a fussy baby at church, taking extra cookies to a neighbor or even just leaving a blog comment Winking smile.  

I felt really good about going to church today, everyone was extremely nice to me and they invited me to an event later in the week.  See what all are meetings are about.

And get this I found out that Liz, The Food Nanny will be coming to our stake to do a presentation.  I love her show!!  I love her menu plans!! I love her ideas to make dinner time a family time!!  I am so excited about that!!

I just want to leave you with this talk.  Reading this will be well worth your time! 

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