Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quiet Time Activities for kids.



It is imperative for me to have activities that my children can do quietly without any help from me.  Just a few examples of when I use these activities are:

  • If I am on an important phone call
  • If I just need a quiet break after a stressful day (or morning)
  • If I am trying to get Tyler down for a nap
  • If I am helping someone with school work or a project


Some of the activities that they can do are:


  • Coloring in a coloring book, or drawing.
  • Reading
  • Looking in a picture book
  • Dot to Dot books (Tommy loves Dot to Dot books, he has some Extreme Dot to Dots with more than 1400 dots. )
  • Puzzle books (Emily has some variety puzzle books)
  • Simple Activity books based on grade levels. (These are mostly for Katey
  • Busy bag toddler activities.  (I have made a few and I am SUPER excited to be participating in a busy bag swap in April.) P1010425P1010426
  • Playing cars or dolls with each other.
  • Even just resting and thinking about what they learned.
  • File Folder Games







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