Sunday, June 13, 2010

Astronaut Camp

We have been missing Emily these last two days.  She has been away at Astronaut Camp.   She had the best time.  


Her friend went with her.  It was both of their first overnight camp without family.  DSC02433


She was on the “Alpha Team”  They won the team trophy.


This is her cot, and she is holding a rocket that she made.  The weather did not cooperate, so they did not get to launch them.  She brought it home and we will launch it someday. 


Emily has a small paper route, and she had to save up to pay for 1/2 of each summer camp she is going to.  She said it was SO worth it.  Next year she is going to go to Astronaut Training Camp.  Which is a 4 day camp, and you get to go Scuba Diving.  She is already saving for it. 

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