Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Kickoff Party

We decided that even though we are going to school year round, with shorter days in the summer, that we would have a Summer Kickoff Party. We got together as a committee and planned it together. Everybody came to the meeting with their ideas, and we decided as a group what we would do. We chose swimming, go out for smoothies, a campfire for dinner, and watch a movie as a family! I didn’t realize what a great learning opportunity this was at the time. This taught them how to participate in a committee type environment. Nobody got all of their ideas chosen. Some of us didn’t even get any of our ideas chosen. But we all got to have a say. 


I totally forgot to take pictures as I was having so much fun at our party. 

Next week we will be making a Summer Bucket List, as I have seen on a few blogs.

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