Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Weekend!

I know I am about a week late on posting this, but that just goes to show you how busy my week has been!

For Memorial Weekend we went down to my Grandparent’s house.

They have a Scandinavian Festival every year. Since our ancestors originated from Denmark, (we learned that last year). I knew this would be a perfect opportunity for a review.

We ate ebelskivers for breakfast.

Then we went to the parade.

The kids got to ride in a "horse drawn cart."

We saw a Viking.

We spent lots of time with our family.

We played Bingo at the Senior

Citizen Center.

We ate Famous Sanpete BBQ Turkey! Yummy!

We did some yard work for my grandparents. (yes that is Paul up in that tree with shorts, sandals and no safety glasses, or equipment for that matter).

I really enjoyed myself this weekend. I got to see alot of my cousins and my grandparents, and we got to get out of our town.

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