Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disney Days and a surprise

I told the girls that after we dropped Tommy off at Astro Camp we would go home and pack a picnic lunch and head downtown for a free event put on by a local radio station; Disney Days.  It was at the Gallivan Center.  Since I had never been to the Gallivan Center, nor did I even really know where it was at, other than downtown.  I also knew that I would have to pay to park, and drive in downtown traffic.  So as I was looking online for how to get there and were to park, etc.  I saw that there was a Trax stop right in front of it.  I thought that would be fun to ride the train, and we would only need to transfer once, from one train to another.    So I surprised the girls with a train ride.  It actually was probably cheaper for us to ride the train vs paying for parking and gas.  Plus it was a fun treat and relaxing for me.  First we got on the Frontrunner, which is a bigger train that goes around 60 mph.  Then when we got into downtown we had to transfer to Trax which is a smaller trolley type train.  The kids have ridden Trax before, (we ride it to the U of U Football games, did you hear we are now part of the Pack-10!) But the Frontrunner, the girls had only ridden once before, on opening day and it was packed! 

 Riding the train Riding the trax

I did struggle with my bigger stroller on Trax, but I was so thankful for some nice people to help me, and people even moved to allow me their seats so we could all sit close.  A nice young man even held my stroller, since I was holding Tyler, so it didn’t go flying down the aisle of the train. 

Then we made it to Disney Days.  It was so much fun and free too.  We played games to win prizes. DSC02592






They had a bounce house and slide.

DSC02599  DSC02601

They had dancers, and then did interactive dancing.

DSC02595 DSC02604

They had a really cool waterfall.


We got to see where they film the news.


We had a great picnic.  We “Got Milk” mustaches!


We headed home for an afternoon movie and nap!DSC02606 DSC02602

Whew what a day. 


Twisted Cinderella said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Taking a walk along with the TOS Blog Walk.

Angela said...

Nice to meet a fellow crew member, we love Buzz around here.


Tim said...

What a fun day! I actually used to work at Disney World for 13 years, and it was a blast. Your post, although it wasn't at Disney, brought back some memories.

Tim from the Crew

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Heather said...

What fun! I love it when we can take a train also (I hate looking for parking)


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