Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father’s Day Cont….


After Paul’s relaxing breakfast in bed.  He decided he would like a nap.   So I took the kids to the park, so he would have a quiet naptime.   Katey and Emily @ park Katey & Emily @ park

 The girls made a sand castle with a moat and all.  Then played together.


I got this amazing picture of Emily, she is just so beautiful!  Just a kid having fun.


We were only gone about an hour.  We got home just in time to wake up Daddy and head out for more fun. 

DSC02574 DSC02571

We headed over to Paul’s parents house to celebrate 2 things; Father’s Day, of course.  And Paul’s brother Matt, had a birthday party as well for his 33rd birthday (he is single ladies).   Matt got a kindle for his birthday!  He is really excited about it.  He had been wanting one for a while now, as he just loves to read!

We got Paul a few pairs of shorts, which was really more of a need than a want.  He was happy with them none the less.  We got Paul’s dad a family picture of us.  Since we hadn’t had a good one taken since Tyler has been born.  I am planning on changing my blog picture to match the new ones.  Someday….

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berrypatch said...

Great photo of your daughter. Love the "double duty" cake too! "Walking" here from the TOS Homeschool Crew. :-)


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