Monday, June 21, 2010

Visiting Grandparents

   I love my grandparents dearly.  I often wish that I was closer to them, both physically and emotionally.  It has always been a tradition to head down South to their house for Memorial weekend.  We have also headed down the two weekends that followed.  My Grandpa was not doing so well.  He has a rare type of Leukemia and he had Colon Cancer a while back.  I realize now more than ever how much I wish I was closer to them, and how much I want my kids to know them. 

My Grandpa is an amazing carpenter.  He owned a construction company almost his entire life.  He was a prominent business man within his small town.  He also builds smaller things in his free time.  Some that quickly come to my mind are the bunk beds that my brother and I shared when we were younger, and they were passed on to my cousins, and then on to my children, and now they are back at my moms.  (Now those are some well made bunk beds, to last through that many kids)  He has made some very nice end tables and picture frames, and jewelry boxes, and he made me and all my female cousins these amazing cedar chests. He also made my kids this very cool toy box/ bookshelf for Christmas one year.  He has always been so generous with his skills he has helped many of my family with their house remodels, and repairs.

My Grandma is an amazing cook, she loves to make things from scratch.  She always makes homemade bread or rolls to go with dinner.  Around the Holidays she always makes made from scratch candy (cherry cordials, turtles, divinity and caramels).  Her recipes are always sought after.  She makes her famous Rocky Road Brownies for all of our family get-togethers.  I can never forget her homemade Hamburger Soup (also known as clean out the fridge soup, you just use whatever veggies you have left over in the fridge).  

So the last few weekends that we have been making the two hour drive to visit them and we have been leaving so early in the morning that this is something we came across,

Herding Cows

Herding Sheep

We saw both the sheep and the cows being moved on the same trip up, and along the same stretch of Highway.  We didn’t mind waiting and watching.  It actually amazed me how young some of the kids on the horses were that were moving the cows.  They looked younger than my older kids.    It was also very early in the morning.  I was very impressed. 


Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

Love this story and the effort you are making each week with your family to show them how important it is to spend time with your elders. For years we would visit my grandparents each Friday, my grandparents have since passed away but the memories we have from spending time with them are priceless. Love this! My grandpa also made me my own cedar chest. I couldn't wait until I was old enough to have one of my own and he gave it to me around the time I turned 13. Stopping by and following from the crew forum. Blessings!:)

Unknown said...

My kiddos would have wanted to get out of the car and help with the herding...but they would have ended up being herded themselves!

Glad to be on the TOS crew journey with you!

6intow said...

I don't have any living grandparents left, but I, too, felt that desire to be closer emotionally. It definitely makes me intentional about helping my kids connect with my parents and in-laws.
Thanks for sharing!
~Erin (from the Crew)


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