Monday, June 14, 2010

Tyler’s First Haircut

Well we did it. We cut Tyler’s hair.  It was getting so long.  He also had a shelf type thing going on in the back, that I now realize I totally forgot to get a picture of. =(.  Oh well.  So here is a before picture.


I thought for sure he was going to scream and cry when we took the clippers to him. But he didn’t he just sat there.  So patient.  So cute.  DSC02455


Here is the after picture.  It was cute, at first.  However, now I miss the long locks. 



I notice as I am posting this, that he is scowling at me in this picture. Nice.

Who am I kidding?  He is still so cute. 


1 comment:

SisterTipster said...

Your little man is soo cute! He did so well, too with his haircut! Looking forward to a great CREW year~nice to "meet" you!


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