Friday, June 25, 2010

Cute , quick hairstyle..


Katey has really long hair.  It goes clear down to her bum. Brushing it is a struggle in the mornings.  I can usually get her to sit still if I tell her we are going to style it so cute, and that people will probably tell her “Cute hair”.  I came up with this one the other day,  It was so easy, and it actually kept her hair from getting to snarly.  


What I did was take her hair and put it up in 2 “piggy tails” then tied them in a knot (like the one you use to begin tying a pair of shoes) then I just put in another hair tie at the bottom. 

It is a little unusual but it did get her the comments she wanted.  “Cute Hair Katey!”

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I like this and will probably have to try it with my middle daughter who has VERY thick long hair. I have to keep it pulled back or it gets tons of tangles in it, even when she sleeps. I'm over from the Crew and I'm following you via GFC.



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