Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Katey’s Riding A Two Wheeler

That’s right, she is doing it.  Her training wheel came loose, and she asked me to fix it.  Daddy said, “Well, lets just take them off and see.”  Katey said “Umm Ok.” So we did.  DSC02418 Paul went to grab on to the back of her seat and she just took off.  She could stay up for a few feet, and then she would put her feet down.  DSC02423

She is so proud of herself.  So are we!DSC02425

She said she was going to have to learn because now she can race BMX with Tommy and Emily.  We will just see about that. 


Melissa said...

WTG Katey!! Milestone moment! My Sarah hasn't quite got the hang of it yet.

Btw, I am a part of your mini crew! I sent Penny the wrong blog address,lol so the one she has on her blog isn't right. Looking forward to a great year!

Unknown said...

How fun! My daughter was just talking about taking her training wheels off earlier.


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