Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5K- The Letter experience!

My Kindergartner, who just turned 6, still struggles with learning her letters.  She knows the sounds most of them make.  So she is able to read simple books with help.  I can give her spelling tests with words like us, mom, we, and vet.  She does well on those.  It’s when I ask her to write a specific letter she draws a blank.  So we have really been focusing on that.
I had her make some letters out of cereal one day.  She does pretty well if she can say the sound the letter makes. 
She also did a matching game with some homemade flashcards.  She had to match the capital letter with the lowercase.  She did well at this.  We need to practice more with q, g, p, d, b. 
I am having her go through the Explode The Code Primers at her own pace, which has been rather quickly.  I feel that this is a great review for her. 

We are also using Hooked On Phonics for reading.  She is loving this program more than any other phonics program we have used.  She asks to do Hooked On Phonics often. 

We use the Leapfrog The Letter Factory.  Did you know that there are many Leap Frog videos available on Netflix?  Some are even instant download.  We use Math Adventures to the Moon, The Amazing Alphabet and Numbers Ahoy.    I have both Katey and Tyler watch one of these while I am in the shower.  It has been working out wonderfully.   

We are now going to add in quite a bit more math.  We have been doing number recognition and simple addition and subtraction.  She already knows how to count.  So we will be working on more addition. 

I was really feeling like she is coming along very well.   I am so proud of her.

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