Monday, April 11, 2011

Tommy at the Science Fair!


Tommy decided to enter in our local science fair.  We had been doing a study on composting from Science Weekly, and you can see my post on that here


He did the lab from Composting Level E. 

He made his 3 bins.


Each bin and some green and some brown materials.  One was moist and not stirred, one was moist and stirred, and one was dry and stirred.


He did run into some problems, one night some animals got into the stuff, and he had to add in additional food scraps,  and create a way to keep them safe.  He used a long board and put a heavy rock on it to keep out any more animals.


Here is Tommy checking the temperature.  He did that twice a week and documented it along with the smell and appearance of each bucket and documented it on a spreadsheet he had made.  He did determine that the bucket that composted the fasted was the wet, stirred one.  


In the science fair, he advanced to the next level and got to enter it into the science fair at the college in Colorado.  Where if you win you get scholarship money to CNCC.  (the college in Colorado, by us.)



Tommy won Honorable Mention!  We are so proud of him!


The college also offered science labs for the kids the day of the fair.  Tommy took an anatomy lab, where he got to touch a real human brain and lungs, with gloves on, of course.  He also took an explosives lab, where he got to blow stuff up. 


This was a really neat experience and Tommy said he is already thinking about what he is going to do next year.

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