Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tot School 21.5 months

Tot School

This week we have been so busy.
We baked sugar cookies to go along with a book that we are reviewing (coming May 6th). 

We installed a chicken coop. 

The window is at the perfect height for Tyler.  He goes out side every day and checks on them. 

He spent lots of time playing with his cars.  When he noticed I was taking pictures he couldn’t help but pose. 

I feel like it’s really time to kick it up a notch with Tyler.  I have noticed he has been paying attention more now when I am working with Katey.  He is wanting to do the things she is doing during school time.


I am going to start planning some Montessori inspired age appropriate activities to let him choose from.  I am going to start slowly as to not overwhelm him, or me really.   I made him an Easter/Spring sensory bin.  I just used stuff I could find around the house.  
  • macaroni noodles (2 bags)
  • fake flowers
  • the shapes from the Candy Land matching game
  • 2 My Little Ponies
  • Some Pictures that I printed on card stock and printed out.  (Our Temple, Jesus on the Cross, and Easter Eggs)

I am not so sure how the macaroni will work out.  He did get a little wild and spilled more than I had originally pictured.   Oh well, it really wasn’t hard to clean up.

I also made some playdoh for a money project I was doing with Katey, and I gave Tyler some along with the pieces to the Candy Land Match Game to put in the playdoh.  He loved it!

We also did plenty of reading together, he loves to be read too.  Sometimes it seems hard to fit it in as often as he wants it, I try to, I love this time together.  He loves it when anyone reads to him, so when I am busy with other children, I have someone that is not busy read to him. 

It’s so cute how he is picking things up.  He doesn’t say many words yet, but occasionally I will hear him say a new word.  Just today in the bath tub he said, “up” and then stood up.   That was the first time I heard him say that word.

Other words/phrases that I can think of that he says right now are:
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Look at this
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Ommy (Tommy or Emily)
  • Atey (Katey)
  • Cookie
  • Poop
  • un two tree (one, two, three)
  • Whoa
  • Owie
  • Kauck  (when something is dirty, such as his hands he will walk around saying Ka Ka Kauck holding his hands out until you wash them)
I also often hear him singing songs, although I cannot understand him. 
He does understand many more words than he can actually say. 

To see how other Tots are learning check out Tot School over at 1+1+1=1

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