Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tot School 21.5 months


Tot School


We have been so busy this past week with Tot School.  Last week when I said kick it up a notch with him, I had no idea how much he would love this.  It honestly has helped me out so much too.  With him having the activity buckets to go to, he stays away from coloring on Katey’s schoolwork, and whining in general. 


He loves to clean the bench that goes to our table.  This keeps him entertained for 15 minutes or so.  He knows the process, he scrubs for a while and then comes and asks for a towel to dry it. 



He must have gotten my camera one day as well, because these are just a few of the 50 or so similar pictures I found on it.  I will have to tell him that if he wants to remain anonymous, he needs to NOT take a picture of himself right in the middle of them.  LOL. 

P1010197P1010203 P1010193P1010207 

He spent some time playing with our Math blocks with Katey.  I had this table in a closet for a while.  What a great little school table this is for Tyler.  He loves to sit at it and do anything.  


He spent some time on my iPod playing First Words Deluxe.  (They also have a free version)


He loved making playing with these rabbit racers from Family Fun.  We used our table bench with a blanket on it for our race track.  Along with doing these other Easter activities.



We decorated eggs, he got to put stickers on some. 


He made a cereal bracelet using a pipe cleaner chenille stem and some cereal.  His very favorite part was eating it.  He would put one on and then eat it off.


I put a bunch on to try to and show him. 


He just got more excited about there being more on to eat. 


We got brave and spent some time with paint



And then………


He broke his arm.   See his sad red cast. 


This will definitely affect how our tot school goes next week.    I will have to figure out some ways to incorporate some one  handed activities or something.    Also this put a dent in my time, so I will explain next week how I incorporated a new schoolish time routine with Tyler.    He loves it!



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