Friday, April 22, 2011

Kindergarten Corner

This week has been a slow take it easy kind of school week for us. 

We spent lots of time playing with our math blocks.  We counted with them, added and subtracted with them and built with them too of course. 
We had some Easter craft fun, and made these Rabbit Racers from Family Fun
She finished Get Ready for the Code.  These are fairly easy for her and we use them as more of a busy review type work. 
She wore herself out spelling with these 3 letter word cards. 
And we painted while listening to poems. 

We have spent lots and lots of time using Hooked On Phonics.  She loves it so much. 

We spent some time with a new social studies and science curriculum that we are reviewing for TOS Crew as well. 

We have also been doing many Easter and Jesus themed activities this week as well. 

To see how much fun others are having in their PreK or K this week check out Homeschool Creations

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