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Have you ever wanted your child to take piano lessons?  Were any of these things holding you back; Cost? Driving your kids back and forth to lessons?  Finding a teacher? 

Kinderbach solves all of those problems.  Kinderbach is online, or DVD interactive piano lessons geared toward ages 3-7.  Included are worksheets, videos, practice, songs, and dancing.
PhotobucketThere are cute little characters and printouts to color and cut out.  You put them on the piano keys.  For example; Dodi, the Donkey has a house over the two black keys.  Each finger has a cut out that you tape to the childs finger, that way they learn which finger to use.  There are coloring books, and worksheets as well. Many of the videos have you do movement as well, such as stand up high when you hear the high note, get down low when you hear the low note.
What we thought:

Katey, my 6 year old used this.  She loved it so much, she would even do more than one lesson a day.  I had tried to teach my children piano lessons back before we moved.  (Now my piano is being very much enjoyed by my uncle)  It was a struggle for both of us.  I guess I didn’t make it fun enough, and I honestly probably wasn’t consistent enough.  I had looked into piano lessons a while back and a lady near me was charging about $25 a month per kid, and she didn’t like to start them until they were 8.  This is less expensive than she was and it starts them as early as 3 years old.  Kinderbach makes it fun for them.

While she wasn’t able practice her piano skills on a daily basis, she was still able to enjoy this music lesson.  She still learned about music, high notes, low notes and how listening to the tune is important. 

Kinderbach is $19.99 per month or $95.88 annually.  There is a day pass available for $5.95 as a trial.  Also the first 2 lessons are FREE. 

If you have a slow speed internet connection or if you don’t have unlimited internet access they also offer a DVD with the lessons and a CD with the worksheets for $40.45 per level. With Value Bundles available.

I reviewed Kinderbach as my part on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  To see what other Crewmates said check out our post here.

{I received a temporary subscription to Kinderbach in order to share my honest view on this blog.  No other compensation was received.  This was all my experience and yours may differ.}

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