Friday, April 8, 2011

Science Weekly


Science has always been one of our VERY FAVORITE subjects.  We love the learning, the experiments, the wonder and all of it. 

We were very excited to try out Science Weekly.  It is a newsletter.  Each newsletter has a different theme.  There are currently 15 themes published per school year.  Each theme has 6 levels from Kindergarten to 6th grade.
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We reviewed the theme Compost.  The kindergarten one was just right for Katey.  It had vocabulary words, puzzles, math and more.  Even a lab.  It was a simple lab, making your own compost in plastic bags. 
Each one gets more and more in depth, with the activities getting more challenging as the levels progress. 
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Tommy did the highest level,  he read facts on composting and learned the difference between brown and green materials.  He also had fun activities to go along with the theme.  Then there was his all time favorite.  The lab.  It was an in-depth lab, that took 6 weeks to complete.

  He documented it all, and entered it in a local science fair and won Honorable Mention (kinda like 4th place)!  I am so proud, and so is he.

Well as you can tell, we loved Science weekly.   We even took the time to view the FREE online interactive activities.  There were a few themes to choose from, such as Pyramids, Living in Space, Dams, Kites, and Hurricanes.    We chose to start with Dams, for Katey, and Living in Space for Tommy.  There is other FREE areas of their website as well, you can get a free sample of Coral Reefs, and there are downloadable coloring books too.  

P1010052Tommy learned about the space station.  There were many activities with this one too, he even had to look up on the NASA website to get answers to some questions.  The lab for this one was much less intense, but still fun.  He had to build a space ship and a space station replica, and then try to land it.  We both found it next to impossible and it showed us how much training an astronaut needs.

Science Weekly sells for $19.95 for a single subscription, and $4.95 a year for 20+ subscriptions.  Teachers notes are included with each subscription. 

To see what other crew mates said about Science Weekly view our blog post here.  Not all of them reviewed compost. 

{I received this product for free in order to write this honest review.  All opinions are my own and your experience may differ. No other compensation was received.}

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