Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Fun!



I have been searching around the internet for ideas on what to do for Easter crafts this year, and while we haven’t been doing many Easter crafts there is still plenty of Easter learning going on.  We have been reading many Easter books and learning about the resurrection and that Jesus died for our sins.  How amazing all this is. 


We made Rabbit Racers from Family Fun and had fun racing them. 

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We have been reading Easter stories each night.


Along with our regular studies, our future plans are:


Today we decorated Easter Eggs.  Played some Easter games.  And watched The Miracle Maker on Netflix. 


Friday:  We will read an Earth Day Book, make Easter basket cupcakes, and make Easter Egg sun catchers from recycled crayons. 


Saturday:  We are going to an Easter egg hunt.  We are going to do family style house cleaning as well.  Then we will do what ever comes to my mind.


Sunday:  We will  be celebrating Easter by going to church and creating a family dinner together.  We will welcome daddy home as well.  (He has been gone for 2 weeks.).

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