Thursday, April 7, 2011

It’s campfire season again!


If you have read my blog for a while, you know that in our old house we had a fire pit right in our very own backyard.  We used it at least once a week.  We love cooking dinner on a campfire.  We had hotdogs, hobo dinners, or just S’mores, sometimes we got creative with our meals out their too.  We love dutch ovens! 


Well now that we have moved, we don’t have a fire pit in our backyard anymore.  But we have the mountains right in our back yard.  We took a trip up our favorite local canyon to roast hot dogs for dinner.


This was so neat, and I had never noticed it before.  It is a painting of an American Flag in memory of Pearl Harbor.  Somebody must have rock climbed  up their and painted it.  It isn’t very easy to tell, but the painting is actually about 300 ft above the road.  It was really neat, and it mesmerized all of us for a moment.


We hiked back into the picnic spots at the park to find the perfect one,  not to close to the river and not to far from the car.


Daddy got the fire started and roasted our hotdogs.  Right as it was getting dark a herd of deer ran right through our spot.  It was scary and neat all at the same time.  It all happened to fast to get a picture.

P1010099 P1010100


Then we took some time to practice our dance moves.


Tyler even got brave and climbed a stump.  He really thought he was something else.  I love at this age how he is so proud of his accomplishments. 

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