Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Coop! The chickens have a home.


So the coop is done.  It is installed and the chickens spent their first night in it.  And yes, it snowed here, just a little. 


Paul made a foundation for it, that way no critters could dig under it for access to my chickens.




Then we introduced them to their new home.  They were very scared and curious at first.



Emily and Katey installing the stairs.


The nesting boxes. 



A cute window, just the right height for little ones to check on the chickens. 


The chickens haven’t actually walked down the stairs on their own yet, they were being pushed strongly encouraged to go down.


Once down none of them would go back up on their own either.  They had to be carried back up.  There is also a sliding door from the coop to the run that we closed for the night to keep them warmer.


Here he is, here is the man that built it all!  We are so grateful for him, and the work he put into building this. Thanks!


Here is the finished coop.  We used primer first and then some green paint.  Emily and I had a great mother daughter time painting it.  We were trying to go for a shabby chic look, and well, it’ll do for now.  We are happy with it, and the chickens are too.  It’s pretty cute to see them looking out the windows. 


I am really hoping for our first eggs in July!  Can’t wait. 


Another thing to note, if you are thinking about getting chickens, be prepared to spend a ton of money in a chicken coop.  I bought these plans from My Pet Chicken and still spent about $400 total after supplies, paint, the foundation the chicken food, pine shavings, and the chickens.   The whole experience has been worth it for us!

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