Friday, April 1, 2011

Reading Spots

One thing that has tremendously helped the amount of time spent reading in our house is we created reading spots throughout our house. 
Emily likes to read with other people in the room, sometimes they are a distraction, the walking and talking going on around her make it hard for her to concentrate.  We created a spot on the landing of our stairs.  She just used a bean bag and 2 extra cushions from our couch.  She still feels close enough to others and far enough to concentrate on reading.   I also downloaded Sleep Pillow, a free white noise app for her Ipod Touch.  She puts that on with her headphones when noises make it to hard for her to concentrate.

Katey has a  TAG Reading System.  She likes to read this in a chair in my bedroom.  She wears headphones with it. This keeps her from getting distracted or from distracting others that might be reading near her. 

Other favorite reading spots include, our Love Sac.  
Katey really loves to read to Tyler at bedtime.  That is their favorite spot.  They both look forward to it every night. 
On the couch.
In mommy’s bed.
My personal favorite is by a window.  I like Emily’s window or my bedroom window. 
Emily’s favorite place is on the swings at the park.

Tommy loves to read in the car and in his bed at night.

I have noticed that discussing fun places to read with my children has encouraged them to read more often.  Simple things like a small fort, or out in the yard on a blanket, just make it seem more fun for them, I guess. 

Now go, go, go.  Go set up some spots at your house.

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