Monday, April 4, 2011


How’s that for a fun word? 
Go Go Kabongo is an fun educational online gaming website geared at pre-readers.  It aims at giving children a jumpstart on tools they will need in order to read effectively. These are the fun characters that will entertain and teach your child.


Go Go Kabongo is divided into 3 habitats. Twister Top, Galaxy Gardens and Laughter Lake.  Twister Top is free!  Each additional habitat is $4.95, but right now they are having a great sale, where you buy one get one free!  So all 3 habitats are $4.95.  That is for a lifetime subscription.  This is not a download, so they can play from anywhere with internet, FOREVER!


Each habitat has 3 games, with 6 levels each.  Each game and level focuses on a specific pre-reading critical thinking skill.

Each week I get an email from Go Go Kabongo, telling me how Katey has been doing and what skill she has been working on.  There is also a suggestion of how I can help her work on this skill outside of the game.  For example, one suggestion was that we play a guessing game.  I had to tell her about an animal, but not which animal it was, and she had to guess.  Then have her tell me about an animal, and I guess.

Katey’s (6) thoughts:  She loved the website.  She loved the characters, and the games. Her favorite was earning stickers for her comic book, or ramps for her skate park.  Sometimes she would get frustrated if the game loaded slow, or if it froze up.  Her favorite game was the Photo Safari!

My thoughts:  This is a great fun website, with education thrown in.  For $4.95 for a lifetime subscription to all 3 habitats is a great deal.  I would try out the free one and then decide if purchasing more is for you.  This website is still in beta, (relatively new) so it does have its glitches, such as slow loading, or freezing up altogether.  This was not an every time occurrence for us, however it was enough to be a nuisance.  The email’s were a really nice addition.  I liked that I could know what skills she had been working on, and how I could help her with those.  She did not need any help to play the games, they all seemed to be very child friendly, with not to many rules.   I liked that she got instant virtual rewards.  At first, to me, it seemed as though this website wasn’t going to prove to be to educational.  So I really enjoyed that they had a chart to show I like to have a select few websites that Katey can use during school time, and a select few that she can use during computer time.  This is one that I chose to put on the free time list.  Simply because I think Katey was already learning alot of the skills taught throughout daily life.  So having this as free time she was able to and practice these skills in a different type of environment. 

To see what other crewmates had to say check out our post here.

{I received all 3 habitats for free in exchange for this honest review. No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own and your experience may differ.}

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