Monday, May 16, 2011

Bright Ideas Press~ Wonder Maps



Bright Ideas Press has a brand new product out called Wonder Maps.  Here is a video that shows you just how amazing this program is.


Summary of Product

Wonder Maps is a software program that you view in PDF files.  You will need Adobe Reader 9.1 which is free in order to use this software. 

You begin by choosing the type of maps you want.  Your choices are:

  • The World Continents Regions Nations
  • United States of America
  • Historical Maps
  • Thematic Maps  (some themes to choose from are American History, Native Americans, Biblical Maps, World Wars and more)  They also go along with Mystery of History or All American History Curriculum. 

Then you choose the map you would like

Then you choose to take away any layers such as

  • capitals
  • county names
  • borders
  • colors
  • cities/towns
  • graticules (latitude and longitude lines)
  • terrain


These maps can be as detailed as you want or as simple.  


My thoughts:

Tommy is learning the European Countries and Capitals right now.  We were very excited to be able to use this.  I could print off a detailed map to teach, and then he could practice on a super simplified map of just the borders, writing in each country and capital.  


Honestly this is his first time with an actual geography curriculum.  I have always taught geography along with history.  I used the simple black line maps that came along with it.  That is one of the great things about this program.  The maps can be used alone or with any curriculum requiring you to use any geography.  For our history, I was able to use the simplest map for Katey and the more detailed maps for Tommy and Emily. 


While this program is great it is in it’s first release, so there have been some minor mistakes.   I would think that over time they will release updates whereas those will be fixed. 



My children’s thoughts:

Tommy loved this.  He is very into geography.  The program is so easy to operate, that he even had fun operating it. 


Cost $49.95 for either just the download, or you can get a download along with a cd version.


Bright Ideas Press is known for many homeschool resources including science, history, art, and more.  And we can’t forget Illuminations.  An all encompassing curriculum using History as it’s core.  (Which honestly is my favorite way to teach)


Check out the Bright Ideas Press website.

Toll-free at 877.492.8081.  Office hours are Monday—Friday. 8:30—5:00 EST.

By email: direct general inquiries to Contact (at)

By post: Bright Ideas Press PO Box 333 Cheswold, DE 19936



Others reviewed this as well check out this post to see what they had to say.


I am blessed to review many products for TOS Crew this product was one of those. 


{I have not or will not receive any compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own and your experience may differ.}

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