Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top 10 TOS Reviews


Here is our families Top 10  12 Reviews.


We couldn’t narrow it down to just 10. 


Here they are in no particular order.


  • Artistic Pursuits ~ A very easy to use Art Curriculum
  • Yesterdays Classics ~ An amazing collection of classic books, in digital format.  (We put them on our iTouches
  • Classical Academic Press ~ A very fun child oriented Latin Curriculum
  • Ten Marks ~ An online math curriculum
  • Pyramath ~ A super fun math card game.  (Very affordable too)
  • Maestro Classics ~ Great Classical Music stories
  • Eagles Wings ~ Christian based science curriculum
  • Kregal- Circle C Adventures ~ A series of fun chapter books for young children.  (we liked this one so much we purchased the entire series and I am doing a giveaway here
  • Science Weekly ~ A fun science magazine.  (Tommy won Honorable Mention in our local science fair using experiments from this.)
  • Kids Scoop ~ Fun quick reading packets.  I print these off often especially for car rides.
  • Big IQ Kids ~ A very fun website, filled with many different subjects, a good all around website.
  • All About Reading ~ A simple approach to teaching reading and the letters of the Alphabet.


Check out all my reviews here

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TerriG said...

What a great idea. I am going to copy this post, well not the exact post, but you know what I mean.


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