Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Hike~ The Petroglyphs again.



The weather has been just amazing the last few days.  We couldn’t wait to get out and go back to the Petroglyphs.   Remember that trip?  All the mud.  This time was so much nicer. 


We got there and got our walking sticks.  We decided to take the easy trail this time.   It sounded easier and we hadn’t taken that trail yet. 



As we were hiking we noticed this rock that I thought was so neat.  We have been studying rocks a lot lately.  So this was a perfect hike to go along with that.   It’s hard to tell from this picture but it has many layers, and then the rock broke in the layers.  It was really very neat. 





This is one of the ledges we had to hike across.  Remember this is the easy trail!


Taking rest brakes.


We made it.  We made it to the Petroglyphs!


This was really neat.  The petroglyph was drawn before the rock broke away from the rock wall.  We were able to see the weathering that had happened since then.  SO neat!


Paul was the camera man most of the time and walked behind us all.  So there are many pictures of us from behind.  Too funny.  I will just share one of those with you.  LOL. 


Wait let me explain, I am NOT shoving my child’s face in the ground.  In fact it’s the opposite I am doing. 

Tyler squatted down to play in the purple sand and he lost his balance just as daddy was snapping a picture.  My reaction to pick him up was quick, so this is the outcome of that picture. 


Tyler got tired, so he got a piggy back back down the mountainside. 


Emily snapped this picture of us taking a rest.



Paul waited up the trail a little way and snapped this picture of us heading back down the mountain.   I didn’t realize how big the drop off actually was until I saw this picture while writing this.  YIKES! 


We had so much fun, and we didn’t even hike the whole trail. 

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