Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top Ten ways to get to know your kids.


Here we go!  It’s Tuesday what better day to give my (writing) hand a try at this. 


Top Ten {Tuesday}


Top ten ways to get to know your kids.


1-  Play a game with them.  Tag, Basketball, Catch, Hide and Seek, Checkers, Chess, or even Video games. 


2- Read a book with them.  Let them pick a book then you pick the next one.  If your kids are older, you can both read the same book individually and have a mini book club discussion as you read it.


3- Take them out on dates.  I like to do one on one dates to help us connect.  You can take them out to dinner, take them to a park, get spa treatments, test drive a truck (that can get expensive, if you know what I mean), go to a museum, or shopping, you can even just take a walk.


{Here are the kids getting ready to wrestle Paul, (little did he know).  What a way to wake up from a Sunday afternoon nap.  LOL.}

4- Coach or volunteer to help in their activities.


5- Just talk to them, ask them specific questions often.   Let them know you are proud of them.  Talk to them about specific things you are proud of.

6- Cook together, let them help with the planning, shopping, preparing and clean up of a meal.  Enjoy your time together.


7- I like to have a special “thing” with each kid.  I don’t know how to explain it other than with what we do.  With Tommy- We coupon shop together.  I match the ads, he cuts the coupons, he always goes with me.  With Emily- We play Words With Friends with each other all the time.  With Katey- We play card games together.  Right now her favorite is war. With Tyler- He gets to stay up later than all the other kids, on purpose, so I get special alone time with him (and so he will sleep in, causing our mornings to go smoother).


{Just family bubble blowing time in the back yard.}

8- Take a family road trip – plan it together- hold scheduled family meetings to plan and discuss.  We don’t hold anything back, we discuss everything from when to where to budgeting. 

9- Leave notes for your children.  They can be as simple as “Have a great day!” or a complex clue hunt that ends with a cookie or a hug.


10- Do something that neither of you have ever done before, together for the first time.  It can be going somewhere new or maybe even rock climbing or skydiving.


{Family hike}


I enjoy finding new ways to reconnect with my children.  I love to spend time with them as a family and individually as well. 


This is my top ten list!  Check out more at Oh Amanda.


ICStarzz said...

Love this list! My favorites are #5 & #9.
When I watch lil man in the morning my favorite thing to do is just talk with him, I love hearing his vocabulary, and the new words he learns!
His mother leaves him notes on his breakfast table sometimes, and I can tell he really enjoys waking up and having a loving note to read.
Again, Great post!

Jen said...

This is a great list!! I play card games with my kids as well...War is definitely a favorite.
Visiting from TTT. :)

Caroline said...

Awesome list! I love many of these. My toddler already LOVES books (and so do I), so I'm excited to try a mini book club with him when he's older.


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